Opinion Of A ‘Mere Analyst’

Sometimes in life, people disappoint you. And surprisingly so at that.
Sometimes in life, people let you down.

So, to the person who has disappointed and let me down today I say this:

Spare me the arrogance. Spare me the boasts.

Yes, I know you scored highly and I am sure the comments were very complimentary to you but do not forget – do not ever forget – that I know how you scored highly. And, what’s more, you know that I know.

If we all had the benefit and advantage you had, we would have scored highly too.

If you know the questions and subject of the summary report 24 hours in advance and if you have been ‘prepped’ by the very person chosen to interview you, then anyone with above average intelligence would score highly.

So please, spare me the arrogance and the boasts. Do not dare tell me that obviously you were ‘too bright for a mere analyst position’. Do not dare try to justify the position you accepted. Do not dare – while I am in earshot – tell others that your interview preparation is ‘clearly exceptional’ because I may not be so gracious as to hold my tongue next time.

Oh and don’t worry about thanking me for handing you that advantage. Just don’t forget that I did.

Because I won’t.

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